ČEZ, a.s. has been recently realizing projects of comprehensive renewal of several classical power plants. The first of these renewal projects concerned Tušimice II Power Plant, which underwent a comprehensive reconstruction.

In this project, S U M O s.r.o. was a supplier of the following equipment:

  • CCTV system realized by a complete digital IP technology including a delivery of camcorders, concentrators, recording devices and control room equipment;
  • Schrack Seconet electric fire signalling system, which was partly solved by an upgrade of the existing centres, by a delivery of new centres, a delivery of warning devices, realisation by a linear temperature system of FibroLaser belt conveyors seasoning, and a graphic superstructure placed in the fire control centre;
  • An access system being responsible for controlled move, access and recording of the staff in switch rooms, control rooms, cable areas, etc.