The foundry, which is located in the industrial area of the town of Nový Bydžov, is one of the fastest automatic foundries for grey and modular iron in Europe.
Within its construction our company delivered the following:

  • Complete implementing project documentation of the parts of Electrical Solutions and M and R;
  • Delivery of Siemens HW control system including communication interconnection of control systems of individual technologies delivered by third parties to a visualisation and control workstation;
  • Application SW for PLC Siemens and Reliance 4 visualisation software;
  • Realization of unique communication interconnection of OPTI foundry information system, which works on Oracle platform, with Reliance 4 visualization software;
  • Delivery and assembly of the Measurement and Regulation part in the scope of field instrumentation, cable route and cabling, including deliveries of switchboards;