Hydrogen of required technological parameters is produced by steam reformation of natural gas. Gas with rich contents of hydrogen is subject to conversion, during which the contents of carbon monoxide decrease and thus the contents of hydrogen increase. Warm released by means of a chemical reaction is gradually used for warming the raw material and for the production of steam. The final purification of the synthesis gas and reaching the required purity of hydrogen is performed in PSA file on active coal and molecular sieves.
The whole process unit is designed as a module device, which is put into a high level of completion ("skid mounted") in the production plant, transported to the user and prepared for operation in a short time. For this job order, our company delivered especially the following: 

  • Implementing project documentation of the parts of Electrical Solutions and M and R; 
  • Assembly of field instrumentation; 
  • Delivery and assembly of punch boxes, cable routes and cabling;
  • Delivery and assembly of electrical supporting.