CAREER - WHY TO CHOOSE US We are a company that considers growth of its employees important. You will become a part of a team that will want to make use of your skills, knowledge and experience and that will help you find the best in yourself. We will care about improvement
of your qualifications, about your working comfort and safety. We will provide you with internal corporate support and with a portfolio of benefits suiting your working position.

CAREER – STUDENTS AND GRADUATES Everyone must have somewhere to start. We don´t mind you gaining your first working experience in our company, quite the opposite. Active people with creative eagerness are welcome in our company although they cannot provide any references to support them. If you convince us of your qualities, we will provide you
with safe space for gaining experience and for working on your future career.

CAREER – EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT Employees are one of the pillars of a successful com-
pany. The quality of our projects depends on the quality of the teams who implement them.
In case of some products we will train you directly in the companies that developed them,
in case of other products you will go through internal company training or you will attend specialized seminars. Thus employment in our company is a way how you can invest
in your future.